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Schools in Sarasota County
Public Schools
Alta Vista Elementary K-5
Ashton Elementary K-5
Bay Haven School of Basics K-5
Booker High School 9-12
Booker Middle School 6-8
Brentwood Elementary K-5
Brookside Middle School 6-8
Charter Schools Varied
Cranberry Elementary K-5
Cyesis Program Teen
Emma E. Booker Elementary K-5
Englewood Elementary K-5
Fruitville Elementary K-5
Garden Elementary K-5
Gocio Elementary School K-5
Glenallen Elementary K-5
Gulf Gate Elementary 6-10
Heron Creek Middle School 6-8
Lakeview Elementary K-5
Lamarque Elementary K-5
Laurel Nokomis School K-5
McIntosh Middle School K-8
North Port High School 9-12
Oak Park School PK-12
Phillippi Shores Elementary K-5
Pine View School 2-12
Riverview High School 9-12
Sarasota High School 9-12
Sarasota Middle School 6-8
Sarasota School of Arts and Sciences 6-8
SCTI Sarasota County Technical Institute 11-Adult
Second Chance Schools Varied
Southside Elementary K-5
Taylor Ranch Elementary K-5
Toledo Blade Elementary School K-5
Tuttle Elementary K-5
Venice Elementary K-5
Venice High School 9-12
Venice Area Middle School (VAMS) 6-8
Wilkinson Elementary K-5
Private Schools
Ascension Lutheran School K-8
Bradenton Christian School PK-12
Brickhouse Academy 3-12
Cardinal Mooney High School 9-12
Center Academy Charter 3-8
Center For Education PK-8
Dreams Are Free 1-8
Goldie Feldman Academy   PK-8
Incarnation Catholic School K-8
Julie Rohr Academy PK-8
Kids ' R' Kids PK-5
New Gate School PK-12
Out Of Door Academy PK-12
Prew Academy 6-12
Saint Martha School PK-8
Saint Stephens Episcopal School PK-12
Sarasota Christian School PK-12
Sarasota Lutheran School PK-8
School In The Park 5-8
Sonhaven Preparatory Academy K-12
The Tabernacle PK-8
West Florida Christian School PK-12
Sarasota Colleges  
Argosy University/Sarasota
Eckerd College
FSU Film School
Goshen College
Keiser College
Manatee Community College
New College of Florida
Ringling School Of Art And Design
Sarasota County Technical Institute
University of South Florida at Sarasota-Manatee
Florida Colleges  
Florida A&M University
Florida Atlantic University
Florida Gulf Coast University
Florida State University
Hillsborough Community College
Stetson University
St. Petersburg Junior College
University Of Central Florida
University Of Florida
University Of Miami
University Of North Florida
University Of West Florida
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Private and Public Schools

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